Comfort Food

Do you ever have days where your taste buds are hankering for some of your favorite comfort food, and nothing else will do?  Well today was one of those days for me. For some reason I just had to have some  chicken and dumplings.  The kind like like my mom used to make with the Bisquick dumplings. Boy did she ever make  the world’s best.

So as I collected  all of the ingredients  for my chicken and dumplings I began thinking about comfort food and just how it feeds our soul. How it can bring back memories of special times, maybe sweeter times. Then I got to thinking about my mom and just how great a  cook she was.  Wondering if I will ever be as good as she was? Who knows for sure. One  thing I do know, is that she instilled in me a love for cooking and baking.  I am so grateful for all she taught me.


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2 Responses to Comfort Food

  1. Ahhhh….comfort foods…the best. Looks yummy!

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