Turning 50

I gotta admit today was a pretty doggone good day.  A completely wonderful day to turn 50.   The girls at the office completely out did themselves with the “over the hill stuff” and sumptuous cupcakes.  It was really neat and helped to make my day extra special.  I love my office.

Tonight my sons treated me out to dinner and a wonderful desert of rum roasted pecans, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.  Yum, and more yum.  Then they presented me with the most hilarious birthday card ever.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  My boys are so good to me.

Even the RA decided to take a hike and let me enjoy the day pain-free.  A wonderful blessing it was.   For a little while I forgot I have this horrible invisible illness called RA.  Now that  really was a sweet blessing.

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6 Responses to Turning 50

  1. Happy 50th to you! I am sooo glad you got to enjoy this birthday in so many wonderful ways.

  2. Thrive with RA™ says:

    Happy 50th to you! And many, many more! Your sons sound really special. I have four sons, and they are my special champions. They keep my laughing! Please stop by my little corner of the RA world sometime (thrivewithra.org). 😉

  3. Wren says:

    A very Happy Birthday! My 50th was five years ago next month. It seemed like a milestone day for me. Not only had I turned 50, but the long RA remission I’d enjoyed had ended that year. Nevertheless, it was a good day. And I’ve enjoyed the years since. In my head, I’m still the small girl, teenager, young woman and mom, journalist, wife, hiker and artist that I’ve always been. The body… well, yes, the years lie more heavily on that. But it still works pretty well.

    I hope the year will be a great one for you. 😉

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