Doing What I love

One of my favorite things to do is bake.  For me it brings me such pleasure and joy.  I just love the aromas as they waft through the air and fill every nook and cranny of the house. Well, since I have been sharing my life with RA unfortunately I have had to cut back on my time in the kitchen. Seems I just don’t have the strength in my hands to do much of the prep and mixing required for even the simplest baking projects.  Just peeling a few apples for an apple pie leaves me with painful hands. And then there’s slicing them too. Well, I can just forget about that.  The truth is my hands are so clumsy anymore I have had a few near misses with those sharp knives. Scary 😦 Even standing for long periods is out of the question anymore because my legs give out and my back starts to holler at me~~~ you better get horizontal soon or you will regret it.  However, I am just not ready to totally relinquish this part of my life to RA,  so I have learned to modify my cooking and baking methods.

One of the things I have found to be helpful is doing the prep work in  small stages so I won’t exhaust all my energy. For example, I love to make my own bread and have been using a bread machine to do  all of  the mixing and kneading.  This saves my arms and hands a load of work. I started  preparing the dry ingredients and labeling them in Ziploc bags so they are ready to use anytime.  I can do this sitting down at the kitchen table so my legs won’t give out.  If I am preparing a meal  I use the same method of getting things prepped in small stages sitting at the table. Then I store them in the fridge or pantry for when I need them.  Another thing that helps is using fruits or veggies either canned or frozen that are pre-cut or pre-sliced.  Disposable bake ware saves on clean up and cowboy china is my friend and I use it as often as I can. This way I have less dishes to deal with.

I try to bake early in the morning when my  energy level is at its peak. When I can, I enlist help from my sons to do the more strenuous tasks.  This really help take a load off of me and thankfully they are more  than willing to lend a hand. These are just a few of the small modifications that allow me to keep doing what I love~~~ cooking and baking.

Is there something you like to do and found you needed to make adjustments or  modifications to continue doing  this activity?  I hope we all find ways to continue doing what we love to do, no  matter what it is.

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2 Responses to Doing What I love

  1. Yes, cooking. I have done alot of modifying to continue cooking on a daily basis the best I can. I couldn’t agree with you more about finding ways to do it differently (if at all possible) rather than giving up something someone loves. I will not let ra rob me any longer!

  2. Amen to that. RA has already stolen enough from me, it’s not gonna take my ability to cook it I have anything to say about it. Although sometimes it kinda feels like I am cheating myself when I can’t bake something from scratch anymore; I have discovered that Comstock makes a pretty good apple pie filling. It may be the cheaters way, (my mom used to say) but I’ve reluctantly become a user. 🙂

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