Hope In The Midst Of A Chronic Illness

The pressures and stresses of living life with a chronic illness can get a bit overwhelming.  When it seems like everything is headed downhill how can we keep our hearts encouraged?  I think that keeping our faith focused on God is the key that helps us from falling into despair and discouragement. I know that it is what helps me make it through every day. This is one of my favorite promises from Psalms 27:13-14~~
I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD. Psalm 27:13-14 NASB

The Psalmist in this verse is telling us that he would have despaired if he had not believed that in fact he would see the, “Lord’s goodness in the land of the living.”  The Psalmist isn’t telling us that he had already seen the goodness of God, but that he was confident that he would see God’s goodness in this life. The Psalmist also tells us to “wait for the Lord.” In this verse the word wait can be translated as HOPE. I love the word Hope as it is used in the biblical meaning. It is such a beautiful thing. It isn’t hope the way we think of it, such as when we say I am hoping for this or that. It is not a wishful thinking type of hope. Hope in the Biblical language is expectant waiting. It is a joyful confident expectation of something we are confident will take place because we know the foundation on which we base our hope.
So if we look at those verses with the biblical definition of hope it would seem the Psalmist is saying,”I am waiting with a joyful confident expectation that I will see God’s goodness in this life.” He has not seen it yet, but is more than confident that he will. It is HOPE that keeps him from giving up. It was also because of this HOPE that he knew God would be with him in the difficult places in his life.

This to me is so very encouraging as I travel this life with the struggles and stresses of a chronic illness. I know that although I may not have an easy time as I walk through this life, I too can have a joyful confident expectation that I will see, “the Lord’s goodness to me in the land of the living.” I can have courage and take heart because I know He will be with me in the difficult places. That is the  HOPE that guides and sustains me everyday.

Heavenly Father I thank you for Your goodness and mercy to me; for Your love that You shower me so freely with.  My HOPE rests solely in You Lord so that I too may say, “I will see Your goodness in the land of the living. Amen

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