Finding Blessings In Ordinary Days

Cup and saucer waiting. The tea kettle whistles. I sit at my kitchen table feeling the warm morning sunlight as it streams through the window, with my doggie at my feet I enjoy morning coffee and an English muffin. Ahhh. . . . The blessing of an ordinary day.
For many of us ordinary days might just be plain boring and not much worth talking about, or to even be considered a blessing. At one time they seemed that way to me. A time before I had rheumatoid arthritis. Back then I took a lot of things for granted.

Living with a chronic illness has a way of putting the things in your life into perspective. The little things are often the biggest moments. Ordinary days can bring the biggest blessings. Trails and struggles however hard are going to come our way. So if we can choose to make the best of every day then those seemly insignificant and ordinary days can be beautiful blessings to savour and enjoy.

Have blessed day.

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