The Dawn Of Each New Day

My journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis has certainly taken me down some hard roads and as each day unfolds it seems it is leading me to places I would rather not be.  This past week I had another unexpected detour on my RA journey that sidetracked me for a few days and kept me home in bed on Monday. It seems that the RA has decided that my jaw would be a good place to take up residence. So it decided to let me know that is was happily situated on the left side. Well let me tell you this was not a pleasant experience at all. It made doing everyday, ordinary things like eating, swallowing and talking excruciatingly painful. Not to mention that one side of my face was swollen and looked slightly different from the other. Not pretty or fun at all. I think I may have lost a couple of pounds though; so that may be one way to take off those extra pounds I have been trying to get rid off. All kidding aside though, this was rough. Thankfully it is getting better, but leaving me to wonder when it will flare up again. So not looking forward to that.

I must say though that God has been supremely faithful to me even in this valley place I found myself in on my latest RA path.  Even this past Sunday when I couldn’t sing in church, I found myself singing the words in my heart and felt Him so near to me, that I had to cry from the joy of having Him hold me. SO I have to say that in many ways even though my road is hard there are many rays of sunshine and unspeakable joy that I might have never known if He hadn’t allowed me to take this path.

As I spent time in prayer with Him this morning I got to thinking that the dawn of every new day, including this one is a custom-made gift from God specifically designed for each and every one of us, and certainly a reason to celebrate, even in the valley places that life might take us. I just want to say don’t let the distractions and worries that may come put off your celebration of this wonderful gift. I believe as we make this day and everyday a celebration we may truly find that He gives us even more to celebrate. Go celebrate your day y’all.

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