A Thing Called Pride

So on my last visit to the rheumatologist she tells me that my left knee is pretty bad. Something I already suspected. She says my left ankle isn’t sounding or looking to good either. Now this is news to me. I haven’t felt any difference with either ankle of foot, but she is the expert and I trust her completely. I am thankful for her thoroughness. She does a good job caring for me. 
Her STRONG suggestion to me was to start using a cane when I am out and about or have to do any long walking so that I can take pressure off my left knee and ankle as much as posible. Like I said I really like my doctor, but I was upset as I left the office. I thought to myself, I am too young to be using a cane. I am not ready to be using a cane. I had heard all of her advice and understood why she was suggesting this, but in my pride I was upset and angry at my situation. In my pride. Yes, my pride. Pride can be a good thing when used in the right way, for the right reasons. Taking pride in your work or your craft makes for a job well done or a product well made. However being prideful for the wrong reasons can cause serious problems, and I knew this. Pride for the wrong reason always leads to destruction.
I got home and started to reflect on everything that she had told and what we have talked about. I started to realize that I was being prideful and foolish for not wanting to use the cane. If I want to keep my mobility for as long as I can I know I need to follow her suggestions. So with God’s help I am working on my pride issue. Don’t be surprised if you see me sporting a stylish cane one day soon. 
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