Recently we spent the day in Oak Creek Canyon. While there I enjoyed spending some time sitting by the creek and listening to the beautiful music it was making. I thought of this quote that I love from Corrie ten Boom.  ~A brook would lose it’s song if God removed the rocks~  I imagined all the rocks, even the tiniest ones, being removed and how the creek would lose its beautiful sound. What a tragedy that would be.
We all have rocks, big and small, in our lives. Each one plays a part in the melody our lives are singing to the world. Do you ever think about that?  I know that I have. My biggest rock is Rheumatoid Arthritis; amazingly it has given me some of the most beautiful music ever. The darkest hours with RA have turned into sweet melodies that allow me to sing of my Heavenly Father’s love and care for me. It allows me to share this sweet melody with others who might not know it. That is only a small part of the music it gives to me. My life song sings so much more. What are your rocks? And how do they make your life’s song beautiful? What song do you sing because of those rocks?

Ponder this tonight friends. I mean, do yourself a favor and really give it some serious thought you will be glad you did. Rest well y’all.

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